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Free: iEM/Lecturio Emergency Medicine Core Content Course

The International Emergency Medicine Education Project (iEM) has been providing free emergency medicine educational resources for medical students since June 2018. Content produced by 175 contributors from 27 countries has already reached thousands of students from 197 countries around the globe.

COVID-19 has impacted many aspects of our lives and education is no exception. Because of the pandemic precautions, many medical students are missing their normal course of education.

iEM has been working rapidly to find a solution to help students and educators and have launched an e-learning platform ( designed to provide free online emergency medicine courses for medical students around the world. Emergency Medicine Core Content Course This course is designed according to undergraduate emergency medicine curriculum recommendations of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine and the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM).

All students around the world are free to register and use the resources provided in this course.

The course consists of 11 main lessons covering 37 topics. Each topic has video and reading assignments to reach the expected knowledge foundation. Videos are provided by Lecturio.

Chapters were chosen from iEM Education Project 2018 eBook and SAEM CDEM Curriculum website. The iEM’s image and video archives, and other available FOAM resources were also used where appropriate.

It is a 4-week (28 days) course. Studying an average of 5 – 7 hours each week will be enough to cover video and reading assignments. After enrolment, the course content will be available for 35 days.

For more information and to register visit:


Other iEM project resources include: is the main hub of the iEM Education project. Students can reach 2018 eBook chaptersblog posts, video, image, audio archives through this website.

Flickr image archive contains images and short videos provided by iEM contributors. All photos and short videos are free to download. These items can be used in presentations and exams.

YouTube video archive is where clinical videos and interviews with world-renowned experts are shared.

SoundCloud audio archive contains iEM 2018 eBook chapters recorded in audio so students can download and listen anytime and anywhere.

All iEM resources are cost and copyright free for all medical students and educators.

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