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The Certificate of Emergency Medicine Practice (CEMP) is a eighteen month up-skilling program for medical practitioners wishing to specialise in Emergency Medicine. A collaborative between Jena University Hospital, Germany and Alfred Health/Monash University, Australia.


The objective of the CEMP is to provide doctors with appropriate knowledge and expertise to assess and safely manage common emergency presentations and establish a pathway into a career in emergency medicine.
It is designed for newly graduated doctors with a five-year bachelor qualification with a minimum of one year post graduate experience, with at least three months of this experience in a hospital setting.
The course contains three modules of study over twelve months.


  • Initial assessment and management of the emergency patient (52 hours)

  • Management of common emergency presentations (92 hours)

  • Clinical support and administrative activities (48 hours)

The course material involves blended - online learning and immersive placement at an accredited clinical facility.

More information

Jena University Hospital
Emergency Department
Contact: Dr Tobias Becker

“Having worked as a licenced MD for 3 years but being quite new to Emergency Medicine, I strongly recommend this course. Not only does it provide you with knowledge on; what to do, when and how to do it – it also help you even enjoy your shifts! Although being quite complex at times, the simulated scenarios and work-based assessments are an excellent way to train clinical skills in a safe environment with qualified feedback. The CEMP course is a real motivation booster and the ER is the place to be!”


3rd year medical resident, Jena University Hospital- Germany

“The CEMP provides a good balance of theory as well as face-to-face lectures and workshops which gave me a better understanding of the practical skills. The course schedule is structured clearly into weekly tasks which contains different academic and practical parts.”


3rd year medical resident, Jena University Hospital - Germany

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