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H is for Hospital

Alfred Health Emergency delivers emergency care at two hospital sites. At our Sandringham campus, approximately 30% of our patients are children. We identified an opportunity to enhance our patient experience when it comes to communicating essential information to our young patients.

Effective communication is essential for a child's experience in the emergency room and can shape their perceptions of healthcare settings and professionals. We believe that positive and reassuring information-sharing can make a world of difference, especially for children who are new to healthcare environments. Taking inspiration from the Royal Children's Hospital's "A Child's Guide," our team is creating short videos to explain common Emergency Department experiences. The “H is for Hospital” videos will be released via our website and social media accounts late in 2023 and early in 2024. Our goal is to make sure paediatric care at Sandringham Hospital is a comforting and informative experience for our little heroes!

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