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A nurse instructor smiling at her students

The Clinical Support and Education (CSE) Program

The CSE program has been developed for the Rural Urgent Care Nursing Program for nurses working in Victorian UCCs who either currently have an education portfolio or would like to be involved in education design and delivery in their UCC. 


12 Week program from late August. In person workshop in early October.




Online modules, virtual tutorials and a two-day intensive workshop in rural Victoria.

The CSE program is an innovative 12-week program designed to introduce clinical education concepts nurses who would like to improve confidence in clinical support and education delivery. The program covers educational theory and equips nurses with practical skills to be able to more confidently deliver both informal and formal education in their health setting.

The program begins with a virtual ‘meet and greet’ where you will be able to meet our faculty and begin building connections across the Victorian UCC network. The first five weeks of the program will culminate in your attendance at the face-to-face 2-day interactive workshop. The program also provides a rare opportunity to be mentored (via email and virtually) by an experienced emergency Clinical Nurse Educator from the RUCN-CPD team.