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The Procedures Course - Europe 2024

This two-day cadaveric workshop will teach you how to confidently perform a wide range of basic and complex resuscitative procedures. It is a collaboration between The Alfred Trauma Unit, Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre, National Trauma Research Institute and Monash University and will be held in Austria, Belgium, Sweden and the UK.


Multiple Dates




Two-day workshop

The Procedures Course is designed to enable emergency and critical care physicians develop the mastery necessary to confidently perform a wide range of basic and complex resuscitative procedures when the time comes.

Procedural teaching will be conducted by a group of renowned experts in trauma management from the Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre, Australasia’s largest trauma service, and numerous other trauma centres from across Australia, Europe and the UK. Teaching will be enhanced by the use of un-embalmed cadavers and low cadaver-to-participant ratio.


  • Surgical airway (cricothyroidotomy)

  • Orbital decompression (lateral canthotomy and cantholysis)

  • Pleural decompression (finger thoracostomy and pleural drainage)Vascular access (MAC line / RIC line / Intraosseous access)

  • Temporary trans-venous cardiac pacing

  • Pericardial decompression (including resuscitative thoracotomy)

  • Retrieval limb amputation

  • Escharotomy

  • Resuscitative hysterotomy


  • Retrievalists

  • Emergency/Intensive Care/Anaesthetic Consultants

  • Rural GPs/CMOs involved in retrievals/trauma resuscitation

  • Senior Critical Care Registrars (Emergency/Intensive Care/Anaesthetic/Retrieval)

2024 DATES

  • Monday 13 & Tuesday 14 May 2024 - Vienna, Austria

  • Thursday 3 & Friday 4 October 2024 – Leuven, Belgium

  • Tuesday 8 & Wednesday 9 October 2024 - Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 December 2024 - Cambridge, UK


Professor Mark Fitzgerald ASM
Professor Mark Fitzgerald ASM

Professor Mark Fitzgerald is Director of the National Trauma Research Institute and Director of Trauma Services at The Alfred and has led the establishment of trauma reception, resuscitation and management programs along with Trauma Systems development in Australia, China, India, Myanmar, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka. He is co-chair of the Australian New Zealand Trauma Registry. Professor Fitzgerald’s research themes include trauma systems development, clinical care of the severely injured, error reduction and the standardisation of resuscitation care.

A/Prof Joseph Mathew
A/Prof Joseph Mathew

A/Prof Mathew has been successfully involved in Trauma systems development across Asia in countries like India, Sri Lanka, China and Saudi Arabia. He was the Australian lead of the successfully completed Australia- India Trauma System Collaboration which involved systems development, registry development and technology development. He is done work as a consultant in trauma systems development.

A/Prof Chris Groombridge
A/Prof Chris Groombridge

A/Prof Chris Groombridge is an Emergency Physician and Trauma Specialist at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne and was recently appointed head of clinical research at the National Trauma Research Institute after completing a PhD focusing on clinician performance during resuscitation. Chris has a particular interest in the prehospital management of trauma and has worked as a retrieval specialist with Sydney HEMS, CareFlight NSW, and Adult Retrieval Victoria, and internationally with London’s Air Ambulance and Essex & Hertfordshire Air Ambulance in the UK.

Dr Amit Maini
Dr Amit Maini

Dr Amit Maini is an Emergency Physician and Director of Emergency Medicine Training at the Alfred Hospital. Dr Maini obtained his MBBS at St George’s Hospital Medical School in London 2002, and his Fellowship to the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine in 2011. In 2014, Dr Maini became the program director for Emergency Medicine trainees at the Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre.

Dr Mike Noonan
Dr Mike Noonan

Dr Mike Noonan has been working at The Alfred since 2014, having previously trained and worked in QLD, NSW and the United Kingdom. He completed a fellowship with the Alfred Trauma Service over this period. Mike has a strong interest in Medical Education, having competed a post-graduate qualification in Medical Education from the University of Dundee (UK) and being involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education through honorary roles with Bond and Griffith Universities (Gold Coast).

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