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The Procedures Course

Master resuscitative procedures in a hands-on workshop developed by the National Trauma Research Institute, with Monash University.


Multiple dates




Two-day workshop

The Procedures Course is designed to enable emergency and critical care physicians develop the mastery necessary to confidently perform a wide range of basic and complex resuscitative procedures when the time comes.

Procedural teaching will be conducted by a group of renowned experts in trauma management from the Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre, Australasia’s largest trauma service. Teaching will be enhanced by the use of un-embalmed cadavers and low cadaver-to-participant ratio.


  • Surgical airway (cricothyroidotomy)

  • Orbital decompression (lateral canthotomy and cantholysis)

  • Pleural decompression (finger thoracostomy and pleural drainage)Vascular access (MAC line / RIC line / Intraosseous access)

  • Temporary trans-venous cardiac pacing

  • Pericardial decompression (including resuscitative thoracotomy)

  • Retrieval limb amputation

  • Escharotomy

  • Resuscitative hysterotomy


  • Retrievalists

  • Emergency/Intensive Care/Anaesthetic Consultants

  • Rural GPs/CMOs involved in retrievals/trauma resuscitation

  • Senior Critical Care Registrars (Emergency/Intensive Care/Anaesthetic/Retrieval)

2024 DATES

Wednesday 12 & Thursday 13 June - Brisbane - SOLD OUT

Thursday 18 & Friday 19 July - Sydney - SOLD OUT

Thursday 26 & Friday 27 September - Adelaide - SOLD OUT

Tuesday 29 & Wednesday 30 October - Melbourne - SOLD OUT